Final Project


The goal of the final project is to create a data product of your own design! Your product should be some combination of the previous products created for the MPS.

  • Interactive Web Application
  • Python Package
  • Machine Learning System

A fun and interesting idea would be to combine a machine learning system with an interactive web application!

You do not need to submit a project proposal, but if you plan to deviate far from the previous MPs for your project, you should discuss with the instructor.


  • Due: Friday, May 10, 11:59 PM

Because this is the last day of the final examination period, no grace or late days will be given. You should plan to submit well in advance of this deadline.

GitHub Repository

To setup your repository for the final project, use the following link:

Grading Rubric

Because the final project is of your own design, and without a detailed specification, grading will be based on five broad categories. Each category will be worth 20 points. There is no additional DDG component for the final project.


  • The README contains the following information:
    • A statement of purpose for the product.
    • Brief context discussing the domain of application.
    • Setup instruction.
    • Usage examples.


  • All code and artifacts must fit in a GitHub repository, or be recreated from committed code.
    • Any models that are created should be serialized to disk if they unable to be fit in under approximately one minute.
  • Grader must be able to follow the setup and usage instructions without modification.


  • The product solves a real-world problem.

Given that you have only one month to complete, and you’re taking other courses, do not over-scope your project. Solving a simple problem correctly is better than tackling a huge problem and producing an inoperable product. Recall that the final project has the same weight in your final grade as an individual MP.


  • The applications scope is approximately similar to that of the previous MPs.

Functional and Correct

  • The application is functional and correct.
    • Function: The application functions as expected given the context, setup instructions, and usage examples.
    • Correct: The applications appears to produce correct results.


Two forms of submission are required:

  • Push your code to Github.
    • This is how we will access your.
  • Submit your repository URL to the Canvas assignment named Final Project.
    • This is how we will know your code is ready for grading, and will allow us to track late submissions.
    • You may only submit to Canvas once. Once you have submitted, we will grade your MP.
      • Once you have submitted ot Canvas, you should make no further changes to the code pushed to GitHub.