STAT 3202 @ OSU

STAT 3202 @ OSU

Autumn 2018 Dalpiaz

Homework Policy

General Directions

Academic Integrity

Homework assignments are meant to be learning experiences. You may discuss the exercises with other students, but you must write the solutions on your own. Directly sharing or copying any part of a homework solution will be considered an instance of academic misconduct. Any violation will be punished as severely as possible.


Overall neatness is greatly appreciated. Happy TAs are happy graders. The following are absolutely necessary:

Consider purchasing a stapler. Maybe also buy some good paper. Here’s enough to last your entire college career. These two tools are pretty useful.


Each homework will consist of five exercises. Each of the five exercises will be graded as follows:

Each homework is worth a total of 10 points.

Problem Submission

In order to help generate practice problems for exams, with each homework students may submit one original problem (and supporting solution) in order to earn a buffer point on that assignment. A buffer point can negate point deductions, but can not be used to obtain a score greater than 100% or be carried over to other assignments.

The submitted problem should be written on a separate sheet of paper that is stapled at the back of your assignment. If your problem is chosen for usage in the course, this page will be detached and not returned, so please write your name and username on this page as well.

By submitting a problem, you agree to allow the instructor to utilize the problem, with or without modification, for practice problems in current and future semesters. If your problem is used, you will be given attribution unless you would prefer to remain anonymous. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate so near your name and username of your submission.

To earn the buffer point, the submitted problem must be original and at an appropriate level for the course. Simply changing numbers for existing problems is not sufficient. Problems may be written in the style of the graded homework, or in the style of a multi-part basics question from the practice problems. A multi-part question which tests basic concepts and definitions should consists of at least three parts.