Goal: The goal of this lab is to simply get started using R Markdown. After completing this lab, you will have created your first R Markdown document from scratch.

In later labs, we will use R Markdown, but our focus will be on how R programming to better understand statistical concepts. For those labs, you will be given an R Markdown template document. For this lab, you will work from scratch.

Please see Carmen for information about submission, and grading.

Exercise 0 - Installation

Before we get started, you will need to have the necessary software.

You do not need to finish the lab before the end of class, you have until Friday to submit to Carmen, but if you’ve brought your own machine to class, please make sure you at least have everything installed and in working order before you leave. (Or stop by office hours ASAP to get it sorted.)

We will never use the default R GUI. We will always use RStudio.