Spring 2018 Dalpiaz

General Directions

Academic Integrity

Homework assignments are meant to be learning experiences. You may discuss the exercises with other students, but you must write the solutions on your own. Directly sharing or copying any part of a homework solution is an infraction of the University’s rules on academic integrity. Any violation will be punished as severely as possible.


Overall neatness is greatly appreciated. Happy TAs are happy graders. The following are absolutely necessary:

  • First and last name with last name underlined.
  • NetID. (Not your UIN.)
  • Discussion section. One of: AD1, AD2, AD3, AD4.
  • A staple in the top left corner. Any page after the first of an unstapled homework will not be graded. Paper-clips, folded corners, or any other method will result in the entire assignment being left ungraded. Yes, we’re serious about this policy.
  • No fringe from notebook paper. Computer paper is greatly preferred. Paper used must at minimum the standard 8.5 x 11 inches. (Smaller paper is much more likely to be lost.)

Since we’re not asking you to buy some crazy expensive book, maybe put that money towards a stapler. Maybe also buy some good paper. Here’s enough to last your entire college career.


There are two submission options:

  • In-class on Fridays.
  • The homework turn-in box in Illini Hall at any other time before the deadline. The box is located in the elevator hallway. There are signs posted for both the elevator, and the homework area.
    • Note that there is a box for each individual discussion section.
    • Do not fold assignments before inserting into the homework box. Folded assignments will not be graded.


Each homework will have a variable number of exercises, but the total number of parts will total ten. Each of the ten parts will be graded as follows:

  • 1 point: Reasonably simplified, correct final answer and supporting work both written legibly. Final answer is boxed and exercise number and part are clearly labeled.
  • 0.5 points: Any of the above are missing, either: final answer is not reasonably simplified, final answer is incorrect, supporting work is missing, final answer is not boxed, labels are missing or unhelpful.
  • 0 points: No effort or attempt is made.