Spring 2018 Dalpiaz


Each homework will be distributed as, which contains:

00 will be replaced by the current two-digit homework number.


Homework must be submitted online via Compass 2g. You must submit a single file,, which contains:

Here netID is your NetID and 00 is the current two-digit homework number.

For example, on Homework 7, your instructor, who has a NetID of dalpiaz2, would submit which contains:

You are granted an unlimited number of submissions. Only your final submission will be graded.

Late Homework

All homework is due at 11:59 PM on the assigned due date.

If you submit multiple attempts, the final attempt will be graded. If your first submission is on time, but your final submission is late, you will incur the late submission penalty.

Academic Integrity

Students are encouraged to work together and discuss homework assignments. However, sharing, copying, or providing any part of a homework solution or code is an infraction of the University’s rules on academic integrity. Any violation will be punished as severely as possible.


Each homework will be a variable number of points, however each homework will have equal weight towards your final grade. Grades will be based on both accuracy and presentation of information. In gerenal, you should make your document as easy to read for the TA as possible.