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The bbd (BaseBall Data) package is a lightweight package that contains functions to facilitate the collection of baseball data from various sources online.

This package is currently experimental. All function interfaces are liable to change without notice. For a mature and feature rich baseball data package, consider baseballr.

Current data sources include:

More sources may be added in the future.


You can install the development version of bbd from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


The most basic and common usage of bbd is collecting Statcast data for all games played between two dates, inclusive.

ws_2022 = statcast(start = "2022-10-28", end = "2022-11-05")

By default, bbd package attempts to be un-opinionated, and thus returns a table containing the exact variables (to the extent possible) returned by the Statcast API. The statcast() function provides arguments that allow for some opinionated processing. Check the documentation for details of this processing. Most importantly, functionality to obtain both batter and pitcher names is included. This functionality is also provided by default through the use of the opinionated statcast_bbd() function for convenience.